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Year 6 visit to Robinwood - September 2021

Year 6 enjoyed a three-day residential visit to Robinwood in Wrexham, Wales. They showed their resilience and perseverance whilst participating in a range of challenging activities included zip wiring, climbing, abseiling, canoeing... and much more!

“I have never been canoeing before! I can’t believe we won the challenge.” Hursh 
“You are terrified before you go on the high ropes challenge course, but you don’t realise just how much fun it is until you finish.” Arvin

Year 1 visit to The London Aquarium - July 2021

Year 1 had a fabulous time at The London Aquarium, where they learnt about marine life and plastic pollution in our oceans. Children enjoyed walking through the aquarium tunnel and seeing a wide variety of marine creatures including jellyfish!

Ark Visiting Farm - July 2021

The children in Nursery and Reception got up close to some lovely friendly farm animals. There were some sheep, a couple of pygmy goats, a donkey, a pig, a dog and some ducks and hens to name a few. The children loved it and so did the staff!

Cooking Club - July 2021

Children have enjoyed taking part in Cooking Club. They have developed their cookery skills and prepared nutritious food including pizzas with their favourite topping!

Anti-Racism - July 2021

Children in Year 2 held a discussion about racism and the importance of inclusion and anti-discrimination in society. Children designed a hand to represent themselves and fixed it to a banner in solidarity with footballers who had been the victims of racial abuse. Children also created an alternative England flag to represent the community we live in.

Jeysey in 2AB said that "making the flag made me feel happy and proud because it represents England. We have children from lots of different places and religions in our school which makes us special".

Year 4 visit to Operation Encounter - July 2021

Year 4 experienced a fantastic action packed day at Operation Encounter in Marlow. They fully participated in a range of teamwork and strategy activities including raft building and rafting, a challenging assault course and crate climbing. 

Sensory Garden - June 2021

Children across the school love spending time in our new sensory garden - giving them a place to read, reflect and enjoy all of the beautiful plants and flowers!

Year 6 visit to Paccar Scout Camp - June 2021

Year 6 enjoyed a day of teamwork and adventure at Paccar Scout Camp in Chalfont. They participated in a range of exciting activities including climbing, go karting and abseiling.

Year 2 visit to London Zoo - June 2021

Year 2 children had a wild time at London Zoo exploring a range of exotic animals from around the world. During the visit they participated in a fascinating 'colour, pattern and camouflage' workshop to learn more about animal adaptations and how certain animals survive in some of the most dangerous environments in the world. 

Year 5 Greek Day - May 2021

Maths Week - May 2021

We celebrated Maths Week across the school by participating in a variety of stimulating and fun activities including Maths Golf, teach the teacher and designing games. There was also a whole school times table tournament in which Years 2, 4 and 5 emerged winners!

Suitcase Stories - April 2021

Children across the school enjoyed online performances of The Ugly Duckling and The Tinderbox by Roustabout Theatre.

Science Week - April 2021

World Book Day - March 2021

Generous Donations - March 2021

Express Yourself - February 2021

Playground Fun and Games - January 2021

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